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The cancer nurse specialists at Gateshead Health NHS Trust have launched a new podcast series to support cancer patients.

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Project Start 20/04/2022
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The podcasts provide a fabulous resource with far reaching benefits for patients and organisations. I am so grateful I was introduced to these and as a result am far more knowledgeable, empowered and in control of my journey and recovery. I thank my fabulous Breast Care Nurse and the team from the bottom of my heart.
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For people affected by cancer, some may find the topic difficult to discuss or are unsure where to go to for information. Caroline Tweedie at Gateshead Health NHS Trust wanted to broaden the information outreach to those affected by cancer, improve engagement and offer a new way for people to access information and practical advice on cancer.

The cancer nurse specialists at Gateshead Health NHS Trust have launched a new podcast series to support cancer patients. Listeners can expect to find advice on issues surrounding lifestyle changes, real-life experiences as well as new research and developments.

The podcasts feature clinical experts and charitable organisations including cancer nurse specialists, psychologists, and palliative care services.

The series is hosted by Caroline Tweedie, Specialist Breast Care Nurse, Gateshead Health NHS Trust (GHNT). Caroline hosts a series of podcasts focussed on cancer with the content being delivered through interviews with specialists, and discussions on the latest cancer research.

With the help of the AHSN NENC and working with a recording studio, over 35 podcasts have been recorded and are now available on the Spotify platform for everyone to access.

The podcasts have been added to the Gateshead/Newcastle Primary care newsletter- posters of the podcasts are now found within the local GP waiting rooms throughout the region. The team recently shared the podcasts with colleagues in the  North West at their regional Nursing matters conference and a representative is attending the London Nursing matters Conference in January 2023 to share the success of the podcasts.

The GHNT Macmillan personalised care team have now interviewed many health care professionals, patients, and charities to provide trusted and reliable sources of cancer related information. The catalogue of podcasts continues to grow in both number and popularity (currently at 2300 + views) and can be found on Spotify as well as the Trust’s own You Tube site.

There are now podcasts relating to surgery, chemotherapy, side effects of treatments, HWB. The digital medium informs patients about their condition (sometimes to the point they no longer require additional appointments) consequently reducing the need for paper-based notes and leaflets. (The podcasts are also transcribed and available in paper format on request)

The podcasts, streamed via Spotify, give listeners who are worried about or affected by cancer a new way of engaging with information in a convenient and easily digestible format in their own time.

The AHSN NENC have provides advice on Intellectual Property through our internal Patent Attorney and also funded legal advice and follow-on work with Sintons law firm.

In addition, the AHSN NENC comms team helped shape thinking on the podcast series and provided the toolkit to upskill the R&D team’s knowledge on how to move forward. They also signposted to a local provider to assist with equipment purchase.

Podcasts offer a convenient way of delivering information at a time and place convenient to the listener. If a podcast saves an appointment this has many environmental benefits such as travel and saving paper.

The team aim to continue producing podcast episodes. Increase visibility and awareness of the podcast series through on- and off-line media. The team are also looking at improving the digital portfolio and looking at the potential of Virtual Reality.