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A new focus of lipid-lowering therapy for secondary prevention vascular and diabetic foot patients in a pharmacist-led clinic.

Approximately 25-28 % of UK CVD deaths are due to raised cholesterol; every 1.0 mmol/L in LDL-C is associated with...

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Delivery of the National PReCePT (Prevention of Cerebral Palsy in the PreTerm Infant) Programme in the North East and North Cumbria (NENC) region

The aim of the PReCePT Programme was to increase the numbers of eligible women offered magnesium sulphate to prevent cerebral...

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Point of Care Diagnostic Test for Influenza, Transforming Pathways in a UK Medical Assessment Suite (MAS).

The key to effective influenza (flu) management is time – the quicker the presence or absence of flu can be...

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PneuX Prevention System for Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia

NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow: Peter Young The PneuX System is designed to stop ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), which is the leading cause of...

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Episcissors-60 Reduces the Risk of Injuries

Episcissors-60 are simple to use surgical scissors, which guide an accurate mediolateral episiotomy at 60 degrees, thereby removing human error...

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Non Injectable Arterial Connector (NIC)

NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow: Maryanne Mariyaselvam The NIC is intended to improve the safety and care of patients with arterial lines in...

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Supporting Elderly Patient in Chair

Resource matching and e-referrals with Palliative Care and Care Homes across Cumbria

Transferring patients from one kind of care to another is a complicated process. Failures in coordination between care providers can...

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Rocket Medical – Pleural Manometry Device

The pleural manometry device has been designed as a simple but effective means of removing excess fluid from the chest...

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Automated Data Flow between Ambulance Services and Hospitals for Patients with Suspected Strokes

Hospitals are required to provide data to the National ‘Sentinel Stroke National Audit Programme’ (SSNAP) Audit – a quality improvement...

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The ‘Tookie Vest for Renal’ – A North East and North Cumbria Innovation Pathway Partnership Case Study

In early 2016 MedConnecT North introduced Tookie to Dr Saeed Ahmed, Interventional Consultant Nephrologist at City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation...

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Breakthrough Treatment for People with a Rare Eye Condition (Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency)

Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency (LSCD) is a rare, long-term debilitating eye disease, caused by autoimmune disorders, infection, congenital defects, and...

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Versal Slide Sheet

The Moving and Handling Team at County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust (CDDFT) have developed a simplified and improved...

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